First lines

An index of all the public-domain poems listed by their opening lines.

    1. (let us tremble)a personal radiance sits
    2. (one!)
    3. (the phonograph’s voice like a keen spider skipping
    4. (thee will i praise between those rivers whose
    5. 5
    6. a blue woman with sticking out breasts hanging
    7. a connotation of infinity
    8. a fragrant sag of fruit distinctly grouped.
    9. a thing most new complete fragile intense,
    10. a wind has blown the rain away and blown
    11. after five
    12. All in green went my love riding
    13. Always before your voice my soul
    14. an amiable putrescence carpenters
    15. and this day it was
    16. and what were roses. Perfume? for i do
    17. any man is wonderful
    18. as is the sea marvelous
    19. as usual i did not find him in cafes, the more dissolute
    20. at the ferocious phenomenon of 5 o’clock i find myself gently decompos-
    21. at the head of this street a gasping organ is waving moth-eaten
    22. autumn is:that between there and here
    23. Babylon slim
    24. before the fragile gradual throne of night
    25. being
    26. between green mountains
    27. between nose-red gross
    28. between the breasts
    29. beyond the brittle towns asleep
    30. Buffalo Bill ’s
    31. but the other
    32. by god i want above fourteenth
    33. by little accurate saints thickly which tread
    34. Cleopatra built
    35. come nothing to my comparable soul
    36. consider O
    37. conversation with my friend is particularly
    38. cruelly,love
    39. Dick Mid’s large bluish face without eyebrows
    40. Doll’s boy ’s asleep
    41. dreaming in marble all the castle lay
    42. earth like a tipsy
    43. even a pencil has fear to
    44. fabulous against ,a,fathoming jelly
    45. gee i like to think of dead it means nearer because deeper firmer
    46. god gloats upon Her stunning flesh. Upon
    47. god pity me whom(god distinctly has)
    48. goodby Betty,don’t remember me
    49. Harun Omar and Master Hafiz
    50. her
    51. her careful distinct sex whose sharp lips comb
    52. here is little Effie’s head
    53. hist whist
    54. Humanity i love you
    55. i am going to utter a tree, Nobody
    56. i have found what you are like
    57. i have loved,let us see if that’s all.
    58. i have loved,let us see if that’s all.
    59. I have seen her stealthily frail
    60. i like
    61. i like my body when it is with your
    62. I remark this beach has been used too. much Too. originally
    63. i spoke to thee
    64. i walked the boulevard
    65. i was considering how
    66. i was sitting in mcsorley’s outside it was New York and beauti-
    67. i will be
    68. i will wade out till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
    69. if i believe
    70. if i should sleep with a lady called death
    71. if learned darkness from our searched world
    72. impossibly
    73. in Just-
    74. in making Marjorie god hurried
    75. in the rain-
    76. inthe,exquisite;
    77. into the smiting
    78. into the strenuous briefness
    79. irreproachable ladies firmly lewd
    80. it is at moments after i have dreamed
    81. it is funny,you will be dead some day.
    82. it may not always be so;and i say
    83. it started when Bill’s chip let on to
    84. it’s just like a coffin’s
    85. i’ll tell you a dream i had once i was away up in the sky Blue,everything:
    86. ladies and gentlemen this little girl
    87. Lady of Silence
    88. lean candles hunger in
    89. let’s live suddenly without thinking
    90. life boosts herself rapidly at me
    91. light cursed falling in a singular block
    92. listen
    93. little ladies more
    94. little tree
    95. my eyes are fond of the east side
    96. my girl’s tall with hard long eyes
    97. my love
    98. my love is buiding a building
    99. my mind is
    100. my naked lady framed
    101. my smallheaded pearshaped
    102. my sonnet is A light goes on in
    103. my strength becoming wistful in a glib
    104. nearer:breath of my breath:take not thy tingling
    105. notice the convulsed orange inch of moon
    106. O Distinct
    107. O It’s Nice To Get Up In,the slipshod mucous kiss
    108. O sweet spontaneous
    109. O Thou to whom the musical white spring
    110. of evident invisibles
    111. of my
    112. of this sunset(which is so
    113. of this wilting wall the colour drub
    114. one April dusk the
    115. Paris;this April sunset completely utters;
    116. perhaps it is to feel strike
    117. Picasso
    118. raise the shade
    119. riverly is a flower
    120. she sits dropping on a caret of clenched arms
    121. SNO
    122. somebody knew Lincoln somebody Xerxes
    123. Spring is like a perhaps hand
    124. spring omnipotent goddess thou dost
    125. stinging
    126. suppose
    127. ta
    128. Take for example this:
    129. the
    130. the sky was
    131. the bed is not very big
    132. the bigness of cannon
    133. the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
    134. the dress was a suspicious madder, importing the cruelty of roses.
    135. the emperor
    136. The fingers make early flowers of
    137. the glory is fallen out of
    138. the hills
    139. the hours rise up putting off stars and it is
    140. the ivory performing rose
    141. the mind is its own beautiful prisoner.
    142. the moon is hiding in
    143. the poem her belly marched through me as
    144. the rose
    145. the skinny voice
    146. the sky a silver
    147. the waddling
    148. the young
    149. there is a
    150. this is the garden:colours come and go
    151. this wind is a Lady with
    152. Thou aged unreluctant earth who dost
    153. Thou in whose swordgreat story shine the deeds
    154. Tumbling-hair picker of buttercups violets
    155. twentyseven bums give a prostitute the once
    156. unnoticed woman from whose kind large flesh
    157. unto thee i
    158. upon the room’s silence,i will sew
    159. utterly and amusingly i am pash
    160. when citied day with the sonorous homes
    161. when god lets my body be
    162. when i am in Boston,i do not speak
    163. when i have thought of you somewhat too
    164. when life is quite through with
    165. when my love comes to see me it’s
    166. when my sensational moments are no more
    167. when the proficient poison sure sleep
    168. when the spent day begins to frail
    169. when thou hast taken thy last applause,and when
    170. when unto nights of autumn do complain
    171. when you rang at Dick Mid’s Place
    172. when you went away it was morning
    173. whereas by dark really released,the modern
    174. Where’s Madge then,
    175. Who threw the silver dollar up into the tree? I didn’t
    176. who knows if the moon’s
    177. who’s most afraid of death?thou art of him
    178. why did you go
    179. will suddenly trees leap from winter and will
    180. windows go orange in the slowly.
    181. writhe and
    182. you asked me to come:it was raining a little,
    183. your little voice Over the wires came leaping
    184. yours is the music for no instrument
    185. —G O N splashes-sink
    186. “kitty”. sixteen,5’ 1”,white,prostitute.