the dress was a suspicious madder,importing the cruelty of roses.
The exciting simplicity of her hipless body,pausing to invent im-
perceptible bulgings of the pretended breasts,forked in surpris-
able unliving eyes chopped by a swollen inanity of picture hat.
the arms hung ugly., the hands sharp and impertinently dead.
expression began with the early cessation of her skirt. flesh-
less melody of the,keenly lascivious legs. painful ankles large
acute brutal feet propped on irrelevantly ferocious heels.
Her gasping slippery body moved with the hideous spontaneity
of a solemn mechanism. beneath her drab tempo of hasteful futility
lived brilliantly the enormous rhythm of absurdity.
skin like the poisonous fragility of ice newly formed upon an old
pool. Her nose was small,exact,stupid. mouth normal,large,unclever.
hair genuinely artificial,unpleasantly tremendous.
under flat lusts of light her nice concupiscence appeared rounded.
if she were alive,death was amusing