This 1925 self-published release featured work excluded from the first edition of Tulips and Chimneys, as well as some newer poems. It entered the public domain in 2021.

Table of contents

  1. A
    1. Post Impressions
      1. I windows go orange in the slowly.
      2. II riverly is a flower
      3. III this wind is a Lady with
      4. IV Take for example this:
      5. V Paris;this April sunset completely utters;
      6. VI I remark this beach has been used too. much Too. originally
      7. VII my smallheaded pearshaped
      8. VIII i was sitting in mcsorley’s outside it was New York and beauti-
      9. IX of this sunset(which is so
      10. X SNO
      11. XI my eyes are fond of the east side
      12. XII suppose
      13. XIII the dress was a suspicious madder, importing the cruelty of roses.
      14. XIV inthe,exquisite;
    2. Portraits
      1. I being
      2. II Babylon slim
      3. III ta
      4. IV the waddling
      5. V raise the shade
      6. VI Cleopatra built
      7. VII between the breasts
      8. VIII when the spent day begins to frail
      9. IX impossibly
      10. X here is little Effie’s head
      11. XI her
      12. XII little ladies more
  2. N
    1. &:Seven Poems
      1. I i will be
      2. II i’ll tell you a dream i had once i was away up in the sky Blue,everything:
      3. III Spring is like a perhaps hand
      4. IV Who
        threw the silver dollar up into the tree?
        I didn’t
      5. V gee i like to think of dead it means nearer because deeper firmer
      6. VI (one!)
      7. VII who knows if the moon’s
  3. D
    1. Sonnets—Realities
      1. I O It’s Nice To Get Up In,the slipshod mucous kiss
      2. II my strength becoming wistful in a glib
      3. III i have loved,let us see if that’s all.
      4. IV light cursed falling in a singular block
      5. V the bed is not very big
      6. VI the poem her belly marched through me as
      7. VII an amiable putrescence carpenters
      8. VIII her careful distinct sex whose sharp lips comb
      9. IX irreproachable ladies firmly lewd
      10. X nearer:breath of my breath:take not thy tingling
      11. XI god pity me whom(god distinctly has)
      12. XII even a pencil has fear to
      13. XIII unnoticed woman from whose kind large flesh
      14. XIV she sits dropping on a caret of clenched arms
      15. XV of this wilting wall the colour drub
      16. XVI it started when Bill’s chip let on to
      17. XVII whereas by dark really released,the modern
      18. XVIII my girl’s tall with hard long eyes
      19. XIX in making Marjorie god hurried
      20. XX Dick Mid’s large bluish face without eyebrows
      21. XXI twentyseven bums give a prostitute the once
      22. XXII life boosts herself rapidly at me
    2. Sonnets—Actualities
      1. I when my love comes to see me it’s
      2. II it is funny,you will be dead some day.
      3. III i have loved,let us see if that’s all.
      4. IV utterly and amusingly i am pash
      5. V before the fragile gradual throne of night
      6. VI when i have thought of you somewhat too
      7. VII autumn is:that between there and here
      8. VIII fabulous against ,a,fathoming jelly
      9. IX let’s live suddenly without thinking
      10. X if i should sleep with a lady called death
      11. XI my naked lady framed
      12. XII i have found what you are like
      13. XIII upon the room’s
        silence,i will sew
      14. XIV the ivory performing rose
      15. XV (the phonograph’s voice like a keen spider skipping
      16. XVI a blue woman with sticking out breasts hanging
      17. XVII (let us tremble)a personal radiance sits
      18. XVIII —G O N splashes-sink
      19. XIX the mind is its own beautiful prisoner.
      20. XX my sonnet is A light goes on in
      21. XXI when you went away it was morning
      22. XXII you asked me to come:it was raining a little,
      23. XXIII and this day it was Spring....us
      24. XXIV i like my body when it is with your