I remark this beach has been used too. much Too. originally
spontaneous twurls-of-excrement inanely codified with superb
sunlight, jolts of delapidation bath-houses whose opened
withins ejaculate. obscenity the tide Did dl es a,fad ed
explosion of, pink!stocking

w h e e saysthesea-brE aking-b Re akin g(brea )K ing

my Nose puts on sharp robes of uncouth odour,for an onion!for
one—onion for. putrescence is Cubical sliced-nicelybits
Of, shivers ofcrin Ging stink.dull, globular glows and
flatchatte ringarom a .s

—w hee e;

seasays.Break snice-Ly in-twin K les Of,CleaN

a booming smell waddles toward,me,dressed like a Plum grinning
softly,New focus-of disintegrat i o n ? my

mind laughsin- to Slivers of (unthinking.c’est


exquise)i remind Me of HerThe delicate-swill tints of

hair Whose(the lit-tle m-oo-n’s o u t ) flesh stalks
the Momentinmyarms

your expression
my love
when most passionate.,

is thatofa fly.pre cisel Yhalf


with,its,little,solemn, entrails