conversation with my friend is particularly

to enjoy the composed sudden body atop which always quiv-
ers the electric Distinct face haughtily vital clinched
in a swoon of synopsis

despite a sadistic modesty his mind is seen frequently
fingering the exact beads of a faultless languor when
invisibly consult with some delicious image the a little
strolling lips and eyes inwardly crisping

for my friend,feeling is the sacred and agonizing prox-
imity to its desire of a doomed impetuous acute sentience
whose whitehot lips however suddenly approached may never
quite taste the wine which their nearness evaporates

to think is the slippery contours of a vase inexpressibly
fragile it is for the brain irrevocably frigid to touch a
merest shape which however slenderly by it caressed
will explode and spill the immediate imperceptible content

my friend’s being,out of the spontaneous clumsy trivial
acrobatic edgeless gesture of existence,continually whit-
tles keen careful futile flowers

(isolating with perpetually meticulous concupiscence the
bright large undeniable disease of Life, himself occasion-
ally contrives an unreal precise intrinsic fragment of

an orchid whose velocity is sculptural