XLI Poems

Published by The Dial Press in 1925, this book featured work excluded from the first edition of Tulips and Chimneys. It entered the public domain in 2021.

Table of contents

  1. Songs
    1. I the
    2. II of my
    3. III when life is quite through with
    4. IV into the smiting
    5. V Where’s Madge then,
    6. VI after five
    7. VII between green
    8. VIII in the rain-
    9. IX Lady of Silence
    10. X the hills
    11. XI i will wade out
      till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
    12. XII cruelly,love
  2. Chansons Innocentes
    1. I why did you go
    2. II little tree
  3. Portraits
    1. I conversation with my friend is particularly
    2. II one April dusk the
    3. III Picasso
    4. IV the skinny voice
    5. V as usual i did not find him in cafes, the more dissolute
    6. VI it’s just like a coffin’s
    7. VII my mind is
    8. VIII 5
    9. IX at the ferocious phenomenon of 5 o’clock i find myself gently decompos-
  4. La Guerre
    1. I earth like a tipsy
    2. II Humanity i love you
  5. Sonnets
    1. I if learned darkness from our searched world
    2. II O Thou to whom the musical white spring
    3. III when unto nights of autumn do complain
    4. IV this is the garden:colours come and go
    5. V Thou in whose swordgreat story shine the deeds
    6. VI when the proficient poison sure sleep
    7. VII and what were roses. Perfume? for i do
    8. VIII come nothing to my comparable soul
    9. IX when my sensational moments are no more
    10. X I have seen her stealthily frail
    11. XI who’s most afraid of death?thou
      art of him
    12. XII perhaps it is to feel strike
    13. XIII when i am in Boston,i do not speak
    14. XIV will suddenly trees leap from winter and will
    15. XV a fragrant sag of fruit distinctly grouped.
    16. XVI by god i want above fourteenth