16 heures

the communists have fine Eyes

some are young some old none
look alike the flics rush
batter the crowd sprawls collapses
singing knocked down trampled the kicked by
flics rush(the

very tidiyum reassuringly similar,
they all have very tidiyum
mustaches,and very
tidiyum chins,and just above
their very tidiyum ears their
very tidiyum necks begin)
let us add

that there are 50(fifty)flics for every
one(1)communist and
all the flics are very organically
and their nucleus(composed
of captains in freshly-creased
-uniforms with only-just-
shined buttons
before and behind)has a nucleolus:

the Prefect of Police

(a dapper derbied
creature,swaggers daintily
his tiny cane
and,mazurkas about tweak-
ing his wing collar pecking at his im

-peccable cravat directing being
shooting his cuffs
saluted everywhere saluting
reviewing processions of minions


—my he’s brave....
communists pick
up themselves friends
& their hats legs &

arms brush dirt coats
smile looking hands
spit blood teeth

the Communists have(very)fine eyes
(which stroll hither and thither through the
evening in bruised narrow questioning faces)