is 5

Published in 1926 by Boni & Liveright, this book entered the public domain in 2022.

Table of contents

  2. ONE
      1. I LIZ
      2. II MAME
      3. III GERT
      4. IV MARJ
      5. V FRAN
    3. III curtains part)
    4. IV workingman with hand so hairy-sturdy
    5. V yonder deadfromtheheckup graduate of a
    6. VI Jimmie’s got a goil
    7. VII the waddling
    8. VIII listen my children and you
    9. IX even if all desires things moments be
    10. X death is more than
    11. XI nobody loses all the time
    12. XII now dis “daughter” uv eve(who aint precisely slim)sim
    13. XIII (and i imagine
    14. XIV it really must
    15. XV ITEM
    16. XVI it started when Bill’s chip let on to
    18. XVIII why are these pipples taking their hets off?
    19. XIX this young question mark man
    20. XX mr youse needn’t be so spry
    21. XXI i was sitting in mcsorley’s outside it was New York and beauti-
    22. XXII she being Brand
    23. XXIII slighty before the middle of Congressman Pudd
    24. XXIV Dick Mid’s large bluish face without eyebrows
    25. XXV oDE
    26. XXVI on the Madam’s best april the
    27. XXVII (as that named Fred
    28. XXVIII my uncle
    29. XXIX than(by yon sunset’s wintry glow
    30. XXX weazened Irrefutable unastonished
    32. XXXII a man who had fallen among thieves
    33. XXXIII Babylon slim
    34. XXXIV this evangelist
    35. XXXV (ponder,darling,these busted statues
    36. XXXVI ta
    37. XXXVII poets yeggs and thirsties
    38. XXXVIII Will i ever forget that precarious moment?
    39. XXXIX voices to voices,lip to lip
    40. XL life hurl my
  3. TWO
    1. I the season ’tis,my lovely lambs,
    2. II opening of the chambers close
    3. III “next to of course god america i
    4. IV it’s jolly
    5. V look at this)
    6. VI first Jock he
    7. VII lis
    8. VIII come,gaze with me upon this dome
    9. IX little ladies more
    10. X 16 heures
    11. XI my sweet old etcetera
  4. THREE
    1. I now that fierce few
    2. II Among
      red pieces of
    3. III it is winter a moon in the afternoon
    4. IV impossibly
    5. V inthe,exquisite;
    6. VI candles and
    7. VII Paris;this April sunset completely utters;
    8. VIII will out of the kindness of their hearts a few philosophers tell me
    9. IX but observe;although
    10. X sunlight was over
  5. FOUR
    1. I the moon looked into my window
    2. II if being morticed with a dream
    3. III here’s a little mouse)and
    4. IV but if I should say
    5. V in spite of everything
    6. VI you are not going to,dear. You are not going to and
    7. VII since feeling is first
    8. VIII some ask praise of their fellows
    9. IX supposing i dreamed this)
    10. X you are like the snow only
    11. XI because
    12. XII you being in love
    13. XIII Nobody wears a yellow
    14. XIV it is so long since my heart has been with yours
    15. XV i am a beggar always
    16. XVI if within tonight’s erect
    17. XVII how this uncouth enchanted
    18. XVIII i go to this window
  6. FIVE
    1. I after all white horses are in bed
    2. II touching you I say(it being Spring
    3. III along the brittle treacherous bright streets
    4. IV our touching hearts slenderly comprehend
    5. V if i have made,my lady,intricate