why are these pipples taking their hets off?
the king & queen
alighting from their limousine
inhabit the Hôtel Meurice(whereas
i live in a garret and eat aspirine)

but who is this pale softish almost round
young man to whom headwaiters bow so?
hush — the author of Women By Night whose latest Seeds
Of Evil sold 69 carloads before
publication the girl who goes wrong you

know(whereas when i lie down i cough too
much). How did The traffic get so jammed?
bedad it is the famous doctor who inserts
monkeyglands in millionaires a cute idea n‘est-ce pas?
(whereas,upon the other hand,myself) but let us next demand

wherefore yon mob
an accident?somebody got concus-
sion of the brain?—Not
a bit of it,my dears merely the prime
minister of Siam in native

emerging from a pissoir
enters abruptly Notre Dame(whereas
de gustibus non disputandum est
my lady is tired of That sort of thing