stop look &

listen Venezia:incline thine
ear you glassworks
of Murano:
elevator nel
mezzo del cammin’ that means half-
way up the Campanile,believe

thou me cocodrillo—

mine eyes have seen
the glory of

the coming of
the Americans particularly the
brand of marriageable nymph which is
armed with large legs rancid
voices Baedekers Mothers and kodaks
—by night upon the Riva Schiavoni or in
the felicitious vicinity of the de l’Europe

Grand and Royal
Danielli their numbers

are like unto the stars of Heaven....

i do signore
affirm that all gondola signore
day below me gondola signore gondola
and above me pass loudly and gondola
rapidly denizens of Omaha Altoona or what
not enthusiastic cohorts from Duluth God only,
gondola knows Cincingondolanati i gondola don’t

—the substantial dollarbringing virgins

“from the Loggia where
are we angels by O yes
beautiful we now pass through the look
girls in the style of that’s the
foliage what is it didn’t Ruskin
says about you got the haven’t Marjorie
isn’t this wellcurb simply darling”
—O Education:O
thos cook & son

(O to be a metope
now that triglyph’s here)